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All About Notrumps (3rd edition)
by Paul Marston
All About Notrumps is a clear and concise book on basic notrump bidding, play and defence. It is ideal for anyone who learned in the last few years and is keen to get ahead. By the end of the book, you will not only know when to bid notrumps, you will also relish the prospect of doing so.
Playing in notrumps is also satisfying. It is usually a race between the declarer and the defenders to set up tricks. Making the contract means winning the race.
Chapter one deals with notrump opening bids; chapter two covers responding to notrump bids on balanced hands; chapter three, responding on unbalanced hands; chapter four explains when a notrump bid is a description of the hand and when it's a choice of contract, an important difference that causes much confusion; chapter five deals with the Stayman convention, and chapter six with transfer bids. Each chapter has two card play tips: one for the declarer and another for the defenders. These are then illustrated in the four play hands at the end of each chapter.
This book is a strong notrump edition; 1NT opening is 15-17 HCP.
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