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Cheat Sheet (5-card majors edition)
by Paul Marston
The Cheat Sheet is designed for beginners, to help them with bidding while at the bridge table.
Use your Cheat Sheet for on the spot guidance. When starting bridge it is difficult to remember what all the bids mean, so use your Cheat Sheet as an aide-memoire. This way, you always know what the bids show and you can work out what to do. In other words, with the help of the Cheat Sheet you can play a good game of bridge before you have committed all the bidding to memory.
Your Cheat Sheet is not a textbook. It does not explain why bids mean what they do. Your teacher will recommend a textbook to do that. Your Cheat Sheet is designed to make life easier while you are playing.
This version of Cheat Sheet is for 5-card majors and strong notrump.
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