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Introduction to Bridge (6th edition)
by Paul Marston
Ths book is the essential first step for anyone wanting to learn bridge.
You have made a fine decision in taking up this game. Amongst other things, you can expect bridge to sharpen your mind and broaden your circle of friends.
You will find it easy to learn, despite what you might have heard. There is not a lot to memorise - it is more a matter of getting a feel for the game. By the end of the book you can expect to be playing a sound basic game of bridge, even if you have never played cards before.
This is not to say that you will know it all - there's always something new to learn at bridge. But you will be ready to take your place in the bridge world and that is something to really look forward to.
This book is covering Standard American bidding system, 5-card majors and strong notrump.
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