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Grand Slam beginner program
Bridge players must learn a range of skills and reach a certain level of understanding before they can become effective members of the bridge community. This calls for lots of practice playing with and against players of similar experience.
The Grand Slam beginner program is designed to achieve these goals for people who have never played cards before. This is done by teaching the critical ideas in a long-proven order, backed with slide shows and videos, with plenty of practice in between.
The program is divided into four levels. Each level consists of four lessons, one per week. There is also a separate practice session for each lesson and there are two duplicate sessions each week.
Level 1
Beginner course covering the first four chapters of Paul Marston's Introduction to Bridge.
It is during this level that you master the important basics of bridge. That is, in essence, the process of looking for a fit in a major and deciding about game.
Level 2
  • The 1NT opening bid, Setting up tricks by promotion, Scoring and etiquette
  • The opener is balanced, the responder is not
  • The response of 1NT
  • The opponents open the bidding – double and overcalls
Level 3
  • Strong balanced opening hands - Notrump slams - Long suit tricks
  • The Stayman convention (Asking a 1NT opener to show a major)
  • Transfers (How to show a 5-card major when partner opens 1NT)
  • Responder decides about notrumps
Level 4
  • Suit slams – the Blackwood convention
  • Strong 2C - Tricks by finesse
  • Weak twos
  • Preempts
Any student who completes the four levels will be ready to join a novice game either online or at a bridge club. We will happily let you know about suitable clubs in your area.